What We Do

Working direct with a manufacturer is a breath of fresh air for many of our Hospitality customers! Colony's expertise and manufacturing capabilities are rocketing us towards becoming leaders in this industry! Learn More

Once the fixture is defined by the design team and approved by the client the fixture is sent into Colony's Prototyping shop. Here a sample fixture is constructed enabling the team to review it for form, fit, function, material options and structural integrity. The client then reviews the fixture for final approval. Once approved the fixture is sent into Production. To help guide the project through the production process a Project Manager (PM) is assigned to the project. The PM then works with operations to; define time lines, order materials, set scheduling and to determine special packaging and kitting needs. Learn More

Colony's process starts with our custom fixture design team. This team is interdepartmental and is comprised of members from sales, design and engineering. The team works directly with the retail client to obtain critical project requirements. Once the project has been fully vetted the design and engineering teams begin their process of conceptualizing and detailing the fixture. During this process the client is brought in periodically to provide guidance and course correction where applicable. Once the client approves the drawings they're sent to prototyping for a first pass at making the fixture. Learn More

With over 40 loading docks in its permanent space and an additional 60 loading docks in its flex space Colony has the capabilities to provide logistics for everything from large scale national roll-outs to shipping into consolidated warehouses. We coordinate, provide and execute on all of your logistic details right down to trucking, custom packaging, labeling and instruction. If you're looking for a total turn key solution inclusive of installation we can take care of that through our own installation company, ZWest. Not only will we install our own fixtures but we'll also install other fixture manufactures fixtures while we are on site. We have you covered from scheduling through setup! Learn More

Our Process

  1. Design

    The first step in designing custom store fixtures is to help our customers visualize their ideas. By creating an interdisciplinary custom design team that works directly with our customers we're able to design concepts beyond the ordinary taking into consideration form, function and ROI at both the capital and the expense levels

  2. Engineer

    The second step in our process is to begin to transform the team's concept into reality. Our engineering team is the catalyst for this transformation. By actively listening, detailing and simplifying our engineers layout a road map that each unique solution will follow on its way to becoming a reality for your stores

  3. Manufacture

    The prototyping stage is the most exciting and energetic stage of the custom process. It's the first time our customers get to see their ideas in a 3-dimensional state. This very important step allows the team to learn, adjust and perfect before sending your custom retail fixtures into production

  4. Installation

    Colony is unique in that we have our own retail fixture installation team that's involved from the very beginning of our custom process. By fostering an interactive and inclusive culture early in the process we're able to incorporate deployment and execution details often overlooked by other companies