Modular fixtures are transforming the next generation of store sets in the retail industry and Colony is leading the way. Complete departmental sets can now be manufactured off-site at Colony's modular manufacturing facilities before being delivered to the store level.  Once at the store the sets are installed in a fraction of the time it takes for a traditional fixture installation. Since 2010 Colony has been at the forefront in specializing in turnkey modular solutions. 

What is a modular fixture?

Modular fixtures are complete "fixture sets”  that are built in our modular manufacturing facility before being delivered in sections into your stores. The modular process reduces the amount of store level disruption associated with in-store construction.  Whereas traditional fixture manufacturing focuses on delivering pieces and parts to the store where they are then constructed, modular manufacturing takes a more holistic approach by delivering a complete solution right into your store.

What is meant by delivering “complete solutions”?

When Colony delivers a complete solution we deliver an entire “store set” and not just a fixture. Similar to the building of a movie set we include elements such as walls, flooring, wall coverings, pre-wired electrical, tile and components from other suppliers. Once the sets are complete they are broken up into large components for packaging and loaded into trucks.  When the sets reach the stores they're quickly reassembled by Colony's own installation team. Colony also handles all general contracting needs at the store level including demolition, prep work and clean-up for these sets.

What are the benefits of utilizing modular technologies?

There are numerous benefits to utilizing our modular fixtures including: a single point of contact for your entire project; streamlined coordination and communications; faster and cleaner installations;significantly less disruption at store level, and more departmental up-time. We coordinate and execute on the entire project.

What are some of the applications that would be a good fit for modular fixtures?

Applications that are ideal for modular fixtures include retrofitting and drop-ins including: fitting rooms; in-store offices; bathroom set; bedroom sets and focal showcases.