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Convenience Store Fixtures and Displays

Convenience Store Fixtures, Checkout Counters, and Merchandising Displays

Convenience stores have changed drastically over the past few years. Today’s customers expect to see a wide variety of items to meet their needs, from healthful grab-and-go snacks and meals to sweet treats to coffee and beverages to electronics.

Beyond product offerings, cleanliness and organization are paramount for any convenience store, no matter the floorplan or square footage. The right C-store fixtures and displays can elevate the customer and employee experience, making the store easier to navigate and keep clean. 

On this page, we’ll cover the types of convenience store fixtures and displays that can drive incremental sales for your business. 

Popular Convenience Store Merchandising Fixtures 

The smaller the space, the more organized it needs to be. Because C-stores have a much smaller footprint than a typical grocery store, layout and organization must be excellent in order to accommodate a wide variety of products and heavy foot traffic. 

Merchandising fixtures in a C-store are typically more permanent structures, including counters and fixed shelving. Read on to learn about some of the most popular C-store merchandising fixtures.

Gondola Fixtures

Gondola fixtures serve as the framework for most C-store displays because they are extremely versatile and can be affixed with a variety of shelves, hooks and displays. Most gondola fixture bases are manufactured using metal for durability.

These are the most popular types of gondola fixtures found in a C-store:

  • Gondola Wall Units – A one-sided gondola unit that can sit flush up against a wall to save space.
  • Double-Sided Gondola Units – A unit that Includes shelves on either side to maximize the number of products displayed.
  • Gondola End Caps – Situated on the end of a double-sided gondola unit, end caps display sought-after items or impulse buys.

Gondola units can accommodate flat shelving, which is ideal for heavier items or items that can be stacked one behind the other, or slanted shelving with a lip, which is great for neatly displaying candy, granola bars, snacks, gum and more.

Coffee Counters

Self-serve coffee is a classic convenience store staple. A clean, inviting, well-stocked coffee counter can win you loyal customers and repeat business.

C-store coffee counters typically fall into two categories:

  • Wall Coffee Counter – One-sided coffee counter placed against a wall.
  • Island Coffee Counter – Freestanding coffee counter that allows customers to walk around the perimeter.

The type of coffee counter you purchase will depend on your space and customer needs. Additional considerations to take when choosing a coffee counter include: 

  • Countertop material and size
  • Number, size and location of drawers, doors and shelving
  • Location of built-in dispensers for cups, lids and napkins
  • Location of integrated trash dispenser

Checkout Counters

Also known as cash wraps, checkout counters are the final stop for customers in your store. They offer space for store branding and a variety of countertop or built-in displays to encourage a final impulse buy.

Important considerations when designing a checkout counter include:

  • Proximity to entrance/exit
  • Flow of foot traffic
  • Easy POS and register integration
  • Built-in display shelving or cases
  • Space for countertop displays
  • Safety glass/plastic

The Types of Convenience Store Displays

Merchandising fixtures provide the structure and framework for convenience store displays to shine. Merchandising displays are typically more mobile and easier to customize than larger, more permanent fixtures.

Popular types of convenience store displays include:

POP Displays

Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are extremely customizable depending on your needs. They can be branded or generic, full-size or fit for a countertop, metal or cardboard or anything in between, spinning or stationary—the list goes on.

Here are a few specific examples of popular POP displays:

  • Plastic countertop display for eyeglasses
  • Cardboard countertop display for drinkable energy shots
  • Spinning freestanding wire rack for chips
  • Custom freestanding metal and wood shelving display for a whiskey brand

Pegboards and Hook Displays

Pegboards and hook displays can affix to existing gondola infrastructure or function as freestanding units. These types of displays are ideal for impulse items like bagged snacks, jerky and candy.

Glass Display Cases

Food-grade glass display cases highlight tasty bakery and pastry items. Glass display cases can also be used for more expensive items like electronics, jewelry and other souvenir-type items you may sell.


Single- or multi-tiered clear bins and wire baskets keep merchandise organized and visible. 

Convenience Store Displays and Fixtures by Colony Display

Colony Display is an expert in creating custom fixtures and displays for the C-store industry.

We are a full-service partner and offer everything from design through installation. We also offer inventory consolidation for additional cost-savings and efficiency.

Colony Display’s team of experts will work closely with you to determine the types of fixtures and displays that will boost sales for your business and keep customers coming back.

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