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S.I.M.P.L.E. Solutions

S.I.M.P.L.E. Solutions

   Modular Construction
   Project Management

Colony is a hub for in store infrastructure innovation. Colony has invented solutions for retailers throughout the country to assemble fixtures in our facility, arrive on site completed, and reduce installation and waste at the store level. This minimizes construction time in store, improves speed to open new stores, and greatly reduces waste throughout the process.  

Customer offerings include pre-built walls wired for electricity, pre-built showrooms, and pre-assembled fixtures. Using our proprietary lift system, we can solve the even the most complex retailer in-store infrastructure challenges. To get started, let us know your hardest problem to solve, and allow us to innovate on your behalf.   

Currently, Colony produces wall systems that ship fully assembled with CSM collateral pre-installed. Colony developed this technique and has been producing, shipping, and installing for many years. We have become experts in using our in-house teams to save customers time and money at retail. Already approved by Underwriters Laboratory, we have passed inspections in all 50 states and Canada.